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Thank You for Bringing the Joy of Purim to an Israeli Soldier!

Please join us to bring the Joy of Purim to an Israeli soldier. Donate today and fulfill the second mitzvah of Purim, sending gifts, or mishloach manot, Hebrew for Purim gift baskets. What's better than to send your gift to our Israeli soldiers. Your gift will show your support and appreciation for the defenders of the people and land of Israel. Be part of this project, feel proud, bring the Joy of Purim to the IDF.


Click here to make your Mishalach Manot contribution online,

or click here to detach this portion and return with your check to:
ZOA Brooklyn
20 Ocean Ct.
Brooklyn, NY 11223

https://www.rayze.it/images/db/zoapurim19-5.jpg    Rubin Margules, President of the Brooklyn Region of the Zionist Organization of America, last year led the group's annual Purim Mishloach Manot Mission for Israeli soldiers. Mission participants included his daughter Rachyl, Reya Zegel,with daughter Michelle, and Judith Shapiro co- chairman of the NYC Jewish Community Relations Council. Rabbi Moshe Zwick of the Shulamit School for Girls and his lovely wife Chaya joined us on our trip to Kever Rachel, and to the soldiers stationed there; after which we continued on to Kiryat Arba, Hevron and the Maarat Hamachpela.

    The trip was the culmination of a Mishloach Manot campaign coordinated by the ZOA Brooklyn Region that involved a numerous North American Jewish Schools, and many individual contributors.

The success of the Mission owes a large debt to the Sar-El office of the Israeli Army whose logistical support for our mission was critical. The group visited dozens of Israeli Army bases throughout Israel, ranging from main base camps to small outposts on cold wind swept hilltops in Yesha (Judea and Samaria), distributing literally thousands of Shalah Manot packages. We also had the privilege to visit and distribute Mishloach Manot to Israeli and American soldiers jointly manning a Patriot Missile Battery in Jaffo.

https://www.rayze.it/images/db/zoapurim19-6.jpg    The purpose of this Mission was to show the Israeli soldiers that we care, that they are not alone, and that we are all part of the Jewish culture. It succeeded well beyond our expectations.

It was our intention to say thank you to the soldiers, but they in turn could not stop saying thank you to us, for coming and for caring. The young defenders of Israel sincerely expressed their thanks and appreciation verbally as well as with song and dance. This was a mission to show Achdus (oneness) with our brethren in Israel who are not only guarding Eretz Yisroel, the land of Israel, as one of the letters stated, but also the nation of Israel.

The knowledge that they have thousands of friends and admirers in around the world, some of whom were willing to travel to Israel and join them in these difficult times, was a source of strength to them and an overwhelming emotional experience for us.

    In addition to the Mishloach Manot each soldier also received an individual letter of friendship and support from a student in a Yeshiva or a message from an adult who participated in the project. The letters were as eagerly received as the packages. Many of the soldiers immediately responded to the message received, and hopefully a correspondence will develop.

    Special thanks to the following Jewish Schools, their faculty and student leaders that participated in this project and whose students were taught Achdus, that the strength of our people is its oneness:

Mesivta Rambam of Lawrence NY, Yeshiva of Flatbush H.S., H.A.L.B., Hebrew Academy of the Five Towns, H.A.N.C., Yeshiva High School for Girls, {Central}, Derech Hatorah; Bais Ezra; Stern College, Yeshiva of Manhattan Beach, RAMAZ Middle School, Kinneret School, and The Stella K. Abraham H.S. for Girls.

    May all of you be blessed for the joy, which you brought to Tzahal, and next year may we celebrate Purim Sameach with Shalom al Yisroel. Peace for Israel.